Spring is here

Wow what a winter we had. As I look around the Hills I see remnants of that tough season. Gravel moved around in driveways from shoveling tons of snow. Broken tree branches high in the pines where the ice snapped them. The hills are still in various shades of grey and brown. Ahh, but look there is a slight hint of red. Could it be the buds on the trees? Look over there are tiny little leaves on the lilac bushes. The sounds…birds chirping everywhere. This is my favorite thing about the Hocking Hills. When you think you cannot take any more of the present season, up pops the next.  Happy Spring everyone.


One thought on “Spring is here

  1. My husband and I were married last year May 20th 2013 and we stayed in the patriot cottage, I can tell you I LOVE the outdoors and camping and so on. This place is THE BEST place out there to go! It’s scenery is SO AMAZINGLY BREATHTAKING!!! Each cottage has it’s own grounds around it, and let me say, there’s nothing like waking up to all the greenery, the flowers and bloomed flowers on the trees.You have a deck that over looks an open field with a tree line so gorgeous!! And your private fire pit for a bomb fire on those beautiful night “don’t forget about being out in the country…..those stars are brighter than anything!!” Taking a dip at night…..in your own hot tub. I mean come on!! This places sells itself!! I LOVE it and so does my husband!! We can’t WAIT to go back this year in May!! When you have such an amazing gorgeous place like this with great prices…..that’s almost enough! But when you have someone like Jane managing it…..you have the WHOLE PACKAGE!!! Her hospitality and caring and attentive character and personality makes this cabin retreat 100% THE best place to go for a relaxing get away!!

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