Serenity of the Hocking Hills

We all hear the hype of meditation and me time.  I have always been a person that believes in the importance of just taking a breath during the most trying times.  Recently I have been tested to the limit on just how important this is.  My father has been fighting for his life for several days now.  The intensity and mental anguish is over whelming.  But today I sit back and remember why I chose to live and have a business in the Hocking Hills.  The serenity of this place just surrounds you with this giant soft hug.  As I breathe in the fresh air after yesterday’s rain and take in the beauty of these hills, I feel more alive with purpose and gratitude.  I have heard many stories of tiredness, broken hearts, and grieving from those that come to the Hills.  The serenity of these hills just sits quietly and allows you to take from it whatever it is you need.  How amazing and fortunate I am to have the help of these hills outside my door anytime I need them.  My father will be very glad I have these Hills to turn to.  Nature’s beauty can mean so many things for so many people.  So the next time you come the Hocking Hills; just sit, breathe, and absorb what you need.  Then return to life’s challenges with a new purpose and energy.