So how do I find the perfect place to stay?

So how do you choose the perfect place to stay with your favorite family and/or friends?  Let me help with making this decision.  I guess being in the cabin rental business for twenty years qualifies me as knowledgeable.  So first make your list of guests.  Do they all get along perfectly?  If the answer is no then you will need several areas for individuals or small groups to gather separately.  How important is it for all of you to be together for meals movies, or game time?  An example is you want everyone to be all together for meals.  It is a must you select a dining area where everyone is in site of one another.  How many private bedrooms are needed?  What size beds are acceptable.  If you have couples then do your best to give them each a private bedroom.  At the very least ask them what is acceptable.  For the size of beds, if there are single adults and/or children twin size beds work well.  If any are bunk beds make sure you have guests that don’t mind the climb.  How many bathrooms are needed?  Do you need a tub for small children?  I try to calculate a minimum of five to six guests per bathroom.  You may even go to the extent of a shower schedule for everyone to sign up for to eliminate any waiting in line frustrations.  What entertainment does your group need? Take into account the ages and the physical capabilities.  Location is crucial.  If your guests will be traveling throughout the area.  Select a place to stay that is ideally no more then 15 to 20 minutes away from most of their choices.  Next make sure the price is within the means of the group.  Take in to account food and activity expenses.  Oh, this is my big need.  The place must have a good reputation for cleanliness.  I clean enough day to day.  I don’t want to spend my stay cleaning!   Did I mention when setting up the Heartland Lodge all the above was taken into account.  So please check out this lodge.  I can’t wait to hear how much you love it.  http://www.americanheartlandcabins.comheartland-lodge